Friends indeed: Nicole and Angela support #Art4ChangeHaiti

Friends in need are friends indeed!… As cliche as it sounds, that was exactly the case when my friends Nicole and Angie visiting from Italy, took to the streets of Soho with me to speak to members of the public about my project #Art4ChangeHaiti.

Even though we weren’t asking donations, simply asking guess how much all our coppers collected amount to, I didn’t realise how nervous I’d be after the first person we asked refused to take part. But these two wonderful ladies marched on and continued speaking to people… So I thought I’d let them know how thankful I am that they were with me throughout the day – from asking people to “guess how much”, to taking the coins to the magic machine at Metro Bank for an accurate counting.

Along the way we met Gold Sisters designer, Gabriella Puorto visiting from Naples. Her enthusiam and support for my project re-enforced the advantages of speaking to people personally when crowd-funding, rather than just relying on social media! So we’ll be back out again in next few day handing out flyers – don’t be shy to say hi if you see us!

Want to know how much our coppers in the bag amounted to? Look out for the next post!

#Art4ChangeHaiti is a self-funded project, able to happen thanks to crowd-funding. Your support and donations are much appreciated – THANK YOU!


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