When friends come together… In Hyde Park #Art4ChangeHaiti

When friends come together… Anything is possible!

And that’s the example shown through my crowdfunding. When I look at the names of the people who’ve donated, they’re all friends or acquaintances. A testimony to the power of having (generous good) friends – they can be so supportive!

That includes my amazing gang of girl friends I hung out with in Hyde Park last weekend – Nicole, Leonie, Angela and Daniela! They convinced me to get off my laptop (campaigning via social media of course!), and get outside to enjoy the temporary bit of sunshine above London. And Hyde Park was the perfect place to be on a saturday afternoon.

If you’re a YouTube fan, you’ll never guess the YouTube stars my friends got a picture with!… These guys have a combination of 2,000,000 followers – and they took a pic with my #Art4ChangeHaiti flyer!

Find out who in the next post!

Please support my crowdfunding campaign #Art4ChangeHaiti and donate whatever amount you can for a good cause! The countdown begins as I’ll be leaving for Haiti to teach art to children living in camps this month! www.gofundme.com/art4changehaiti


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