YouTube stars Caspar Lee and Callux make art in Hyde Park #Art4ChangeHaiti

YouTube stars prankSTARS Caspar Lee and Callux were spotted in Hyde Park last week when my friends were out and about handing out flyers for my crowdfund #Art4ChangeHaiti. It didn’t look like the boys with over 2 million followers between them, were up to any of their usual jokes when they spared a moment to make a painting of my friends Leonie, Nikki and Dani… And even get a picture with my #Art4ChangeHaiti flyer. Isn’t that sweet?! But wait, there must be a catch – was it a prank?!

Personally I think they did a creative job with the paintings of my friends. What do you think, does it look like them? I could possibly auction it off towards funding my project to teach art to children in Haiti… Any bidders? Find out more about #Art4ChangeHaiti and donate online at

Tell us what you think of Casper Lee and Callux’s paintings in the comment box 🙂


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