The Africa Live Festival #Art4ChangeHaiti video

Thank you organisers of #‎TheAfricaLiveFestival‬ in Burgess Park, London for such an amazing day full of culture, talent, music and community love on Saturday 15th Aug. I took the opportunity to hand out #‎Art4ChangeHaiti flyers and spread awareness about my project!…

We met so many cool people including boy band StatusLDN, musician Dan Nicholls from Brass Mask,  Lekia Lée founder of Project Embrace, and many other supportive people including my friends Ale and Nicolo visiting from Italy (giving then a taste of my culture while they’re in London!)

Thank you everyone how has supported so far by donating online. It’s not too late if you haven’t already please go to and donate whatever amount you can, because every will make a BIG difference! The project starts next week where I’ll teaching art to children still living in camps 5 years after the Earthquake left them and their families homeless – please help me reach my target (or at lease close)! #‎HaitiCountDown‬ ‪#‎Art4Change

Thank you!



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