Support of the Week: Harrow Mencap, BTWSC and BBM/BMC

It’s been an amazing week for me getting the word out about #Art4ChangeHaiti in London! From The Africa Live Festive in Burgess Park to SUARTS Sabbatical officers supporting in Central London, to Harrow for “Britain’s Contribution To The Development Of Reggae” event yesterday organised by BBM/BMC and chaired by Harrow Mencap CEO Deven Pillay.

Deven Pillay, Harrow Mencsp CEO
Deven Pillay, Harrow Mencsp CEO

I took the opportunity to speak with Deven Pillay about the concept of #Art4ChangeHaiti – using art to empower children through creativity. The workshops I will facilitate in Port-au-Prince Haiti will be for children living in camps. I volunteered with CEPSEDH in Port-au-Prince 2 years ago, helping to provide food to 2000 children left homeless since the 2010 earthquake. It disturbed me that many of the children didn’t have access to any formal education. As I student how could I give back? I wondered, especially weighing my own raising costs of being in Full-Time education.

#Art4Change project came about as a result of this yearning to give back and get impoverished children into education, without letting my powerless student status stand in the way. Then it hit me – why not transfer the skills I already have to children through workshops. And as a student from an Arts University (University of the Arts London), I know the power of being creative!

Inspired by children's art work at Harrow Mencap
Inspired by children’s art work at Harrow Mencap

Aside from the arts and crafts workshops, I will also be printing the designs created by the children onto merchandise (tote bags, mugs, t-shirts etc) which can be sold online or at events in London (or worldwide – I’m a believer in thinking BIG!), with the proceeds going towards the school fees of the children involved.

That’s my plan for how Art will make a Change! Through crowdfunding (and some of my student loan) I’ve been able to organise #Art4Change even without the help of some big organsiation.

Awuka Serwah, Deven Pillay and Kwaku supporting #Art4ChangeHaiti
Awuka Serwah, Deven Pillay and Kwaku supporting #Art4ChangeHaiti

Thank you Deven Pillay of Mencap Harrow, Kwaku from BBM/BMC, and Awula Serwah of BTWSC for the support and encouragement! The countdown has begun – #Art4ChangeHaiti starts from the 25th August in Port-au-Prince Haiti!

To info out more info, help out during the post-Haiti project (merchandising and selling) or any other enquiries please email me

You can also make a donation however small at

-Kai 🙂


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