Support from SUARTS Sabs for #Art4ChangeHaiti

The brand new SUARTS (Students’ Union University of the Arts London) Sabbatical officers show their support for #Art4ChangeHaiti.

Thank you ladies!

Cut costs: Supported towards printing #Art4ChangeHaiti flyers

Find out more about the Sassy Sabs and the events being organised for Black History Month (and beyond) check out

SUARTS Sabs support #Art4ChangeHaiti
SUARTS Sabs; Bee – Education Officer, Summer – Activities Officer, Scarlett – Welfare Officer, and Anastazja – Campaigns Officer working together to provide a better student experience at UAL

Look out for updates of my trip to Haiti facilitating arts and crafts workshops for children living in camps. The designs produced will be printed onto merchandise which will be sold online and the funds go toward the school fees of the children involved in the project. “Giving back through Art!” Follow this blog so you don’t miss an update!

To find out more about #Art4ChangeHaiti volunteer project or to help out with the post-Haiti projects (printing designs, setting up online shop etc) please get in touch

You can also make a contribution online

-Kai 🙂


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