About #Art4Change


#Art4Change is about giving back to the community to bring positive change world wide through art!

KaiMy name is Kai Lutterodt. I’m a student at the University of Arts London. As President of the African Caribbean Society (UAL ACS) we began fundraising towards a trip to Haiti in Summer 2015. The purpose was to “back back” as arts students.

#Art4Change is project I came up with to utilise our skills in a productive way by teaching children in deprived areas.  I’m very excited to be going to Haiti in August 2015 to teach arts and crafts to children living in camps in Port-au-Prince.

Please support by donating

Our #Art4Change projects include:

#Art4ChangeHaiti – August 2015

#Art4ChangeGhana – December 2015

#Art4ChangeCapeVerde – April 2016

To volunteer with us, help campaign our be a sponsor, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you! k.lutterodt1@arts.ac.uk

Thank you!

Kai x

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