UAL ACS is the African Caribbean Society of University of the Arts London, which is under the umbrella of the Students’ Union SUARTS – a charity organisation separate from the university. Statistics show that “black” students are more likely to under-achieve than their white peers. The ACS aims to bridge the gap in lack of representation for such students through events with a strong essence of self-empowerment .

In in the academic year of 2014/15, the ACS committee organised events which were both educational and entertaining in hope to improve some of the disappointing statistics based on black students’ achievement rates nationally and within University of the Arts London. You can see all our UAL ACS events at We thank you for your generosity!

We also believe in giving back that’s why we chose to help fundraise for a charity in Haiti – The Sai Baba Centre in Port-au-Prince which is doing great things to help keep deprived children nourished. We have been fundraising for a trip to Haiti to volunteer in summer 2015. Thank you to all those who supported our raffles and events. We raised over £250 which we sent to The Sai Baba Centre over the Christmas period. Check out the pics sent to us CLICK HERE.

Haiti Summer 2015 Fundraiser

20130824-231000Haiti is a country rich in history, yet it is one of the poorest countries in the in the western hemisphere. The debt left after having to pay compensation for its freedom – the first Black country to gain independence from colonisation, and the recent devastating earthquakes has tarnished the reputation and economy of what was once a very powerful nation.

In the summer of 2013, ACS President Kai embarked on a life changing trip to Haiti to volunteer for a month. The image of volunteering in developing countries is very “white”. From the faces of the young Haitian children, it was clear they were unsure of her – a black girl from abroad who looks like them offering to help… “Is that normal?” they might have been thinking. Yet it should be! We have been blessed with so many privileges – education being one of them, it’s important to give back to the young who are needy – either at home or abroad.

Donate Button#Art4ChangeHaiti is a project in association with UAL ACS. We hope that finance will not be a barrier towards getting there to help and inspire children living in camps. #Art4ChangeHaiti welcomes volunteers of any background. Contact us for more info.

UAL ACS committee 2014/15

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